Saturday, August 27, 2011

Safe from Hurricane Irene

Most of you know that we live in North Carolina so I wanted to post an update in the "aftermath" of Hurricane Irene, at least where we live.

It rained. It was windy. That was it (thank you, God).

We don't live on the coast so we weren't too worried, but we did stock up on water, canned food and ice and we got our flashlights and candles out.

Several hours before the hurricane approached the coast of North Carolina, our power went out. We were surprised but figured this would be the worst of it, and that power would be restored within a day or so.

Then we found out that someone drove into a pole down the street and it had nothing to do with the hurricane. Our power was back on in an hour. We shared laughs about it with our neighbors. (But it was a good dry run.)

Psalm 107:1 by mixedmediamama on Etsy
Psalm 107:1 by mixedmediamama

This hurricane has been a reminder of God's power over all of His creation. To see the magnitude of it and know that over 1 million people were evacuated just reminds me how big and powerful He is. We are alive and safe each day only because of His grace and mercy.

Praying for the rest of the East Coast that you'll all stay safe and trust in His unfailing love to give you peace today and always!


  1. glad you're safe and sound, dear friend!

  2. glad you stayed safe in the storm!

  3. Well I hope we fair as well as you guys did! We are in NY on Long Island, but not by the water. Our biggest concern in downed trees and loss of power, but like you we are well stocked and did all the preparations!! I know some in your state got hit pretty hard. I hope all your friends and family are safe! Be well!

  4. Good thing you're safe! I can't even imagine going through a hurricane.

  5. Prayers answered! So glad you are safe. I have a son in Arlington, VA, and a daughter in Brooklyn, NY. Hoping to hear from them soon. VERY grateful Irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Perhaps the worst is over. Hope power is restored soon.


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