Sunday, January 30, 2011

First time blogger


So I made it to the world of blogging. Finally!

Now what?

Well, this blog will be both a personal blog and a blog for my etsy shop. The two are basically intertwined since my Little Sweets is my 24/7 job/life and she inspires all my craftiness these days. But first, let me share with you a few things I'm working on right now for my shop:

*My first giveaway! Check out Discovering the Me in Mommy's blog and enter to win one of my hooded baby/toddler towels on her Facebook page here to enter. If you friend me on Facebook here, you'll get an extra entry for the giveaway! Contest ends February 13th at 10 p.m. EST.

*I just joined a couple of Etsy teams, SAHM of Etsy and EtsyKids. I'm on a treasury team for EtsyKids which means I have been curating some fun treasuries lately... If you like to browse the treasuries, or if you're wondering what the heck treasuries are, check mine out here! I'll post my new treasuries on this blog occasionally.

*As my regular customers know, my shop currently has hooded baby/toddler towels, hair clips, headbands and hair pins. I've recently added clothing and my next project is burp cloths!

*Stocking up my stash of sensory blankets... can't sell them on Etsy but I love making them and giving them as gifts, so I'm adding to my stock.

*My obsession with Excel spreadsheets continues... as the ladies in my Bible study know, I'm trying to keep my spending in check for my crafting habit. It's still a work-in-progress, but now I'm keeping better track of my spending and profits.

*Coming soon to this blog: pictures from Little Sweets' 2nd birthday! I made her a cupcake shirt that will be the inspiration for some new stuff in my shop and a giant cupcake cake. Now she's crazy about cupcakes and never wants to take her cupcake pajamas off in the mornings.

*Hopefully also coming soon to this blog: Traffic! I'm going to figure out this blogging world and I'd love some advice or help on how to get the word out about my blog! =)


  1. i never really was good at this, since my blog isn't really traffic focused, but my friend whose blog was about traffic is all about LOTS of comments on lots of people's blogs. then they come your way to say hello :)

  2. Thanks, Susannah! I like leaving comments on friends blogs but am just starting to do so for people I don't know... Yes, I am (was?) a blog stalker!

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