Friday, April 15, 2011

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs Tutorial

Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

I know I said that Easter isn't just about eggs, bunnies and baskets, but my daughter has a thing for those plastic Easter eggs. She's been on an Easter egg hunt since last year... I could never round up all of the plastic eggs at one time to put them away, so for 12 months now, we've had plastic eggs halves under the couch, in the car, stuffed in toy purses... pretty much everywhere.

It was time for some new eggs so I decided to make my own patterned plastic Easter eggs with some cute tissue paper I found at Walmart and some white eggs from Hobby Lobby for 34 cents a dozen!

What you need to make your own Tissue Paper Easter eggs:

Supplies for Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

plastic eggs
Mod Podge
tissue paper (or gift wrapping paper*)
paint brush (1" wide is best)
X-acto knife

Total cost: $7 for 24 eggs
Not including scissors and X-acto, since you likely have those already.
 Oriental Trading Company sells the white eggs online here, though not nearly as cheap as Hobby Lobby's 34 cents a dozen! Or colored eggs would work, too.

We're going to work on some "solid" tissue paper eggs first. 

Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

First, cut a strip of tissue paper about 1" wide, then cut into 1" squares. It takes no time if you stack several layers at once before you cut, but please don't measure... just eyeball it:

Making Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

Brush a small amount of Mod Podge onto the back of one of the squares. No need to get all the way to the edges. Lay the square on the egg and smooth the edges down. Continue this process, overlapping the squares until egg is covered. (It will take 7-9 squares to cover one egg.)

Making Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

When the entire egg is covered in squares, paint a layer of Mod Podge over all of it. I rested the eggs on water bottle lids while they dried.

Making Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

It will look much prettier when it's dry, I promise. =)

Now, on to the striped eggs. My tissue paper was already striped so I didn't need to buy all different colors to get this look.

Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

Cut strips of tissue paper in whatever colors you want. My strips were about 7" long and varied in width from 1/4" to 3/4". Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back side of each strip. 

Making Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

Starting at the bottom point, apply each strip onto the egg, smoothing the edges as you go.

Making Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

I found it very difficult to apply the strips width-wise (along the egg's "equator") and much easier length-wise. But I did a few anyway for a plaid effect and I don't think Little Sweets will notice that the strips are not on straight. =) You don't want to Mod Podge over the entire egg with the strips on it, but you may need to use just a little bit over the strip itself to hold it down.

*Note: If you don't have any cute tissue paper or don't want to buy any, you can use any gift wrap you have laying around. Cut off a strip a few inches wide and soak it with water. Crumple it a little bit and carefully lay flat to dry. When it's dry, it will be soft and you can use it the same way as tissue paper.

Tissue Paper-Covered Easter Eggs by SweeterThanSweets

When the Mod Podge is completely dry on your eggs, use an X-acto or other razor blade to carefully cut across the egg's equator so you can open them again.

Now let's see how long it takes the kiddos to lose all of these eggs!


  1. These turned out really nicely. Good idea about cutting them after they are dry. I was wondering how you would get them open. :O)

  2. Very nicely done, they are so colorful and cheerful:)

  3. Those eggs are beautiful! Good job!

  4. Thanks! It was fun to change up the look of the eggs with just tissue paper.

  5. Just had to pop over and tell you that this is a lovely way to decorate an egg for Easter. I love how they all look together. Beautiful designs and colors.

  6. I love the idea of decorating with tissue paper too! It's different and gives a delight to look at. One question--okay--three questions:
    1) Do you leave the tissue paper on after it's dry (I'm thinking you do, but just had to ask
    2) Do you need to wear gloves (I've not bought Modge Podge or worked with it before
    3) Do you have anymore ideas for plastic eggs

    Thank you


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