Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to SweeterThanSweets!

Today is SweeterThanSweets on Etsy's 1st birthday! I am so excited to celebrate and reflect a bit on this past year.

Beeswax Cupcake Candle by Hudson Scout

I started my Etsy shop when my Sweets was getting ready to go away for a few months and I knew I needed a hobby to keep me busy while he was gone. I set up our little card table in the guest room and got out my scrapbooking supplies. Then I don't really know what happened... somehow my sewing machine got dusted off and I took over the entire guest room with fabric, towels, onesies, burp cloths, ribbons and alligator clips. The room hasn't been clean since last May.

Here's a little glimpse into what is going on "behind the scenes." This is a photo on my Facebook page where I sell sensory square and sensory circle blankets:

Nice clean background, right? Here's the wide shot:

If you could zoom out you'd see even more of the mess that surrounds my typical photo shoots. I now call the guest room our play room though truly, it's more of my play room than Little Sweets'. Our guests have been relegated to our sofa sleeper.

This past year of creating has been about carving out time for me to do something that I loved doing before I became a mommy... and remembering how good that is for my soul. Which brings me back to one of my first blog posts: Life Described. In only six words.

I am definitely getting closer to finding the balance between "me" and "mommy". Maybe that means it's time to come up with a new six-word memoir.

What about you--Thinking back on this past year, can you write your own six-word memoir?


  1. I know all about taking over a room:):) I have taken over several in our home. My six-word memoir thinking back on this past year:

    A life of service beckons me.

  2. Happy Etsyversary :)

    My 6 words...Don't be afraid to dream big :)

  3. Happy Etsy-versary!

    My six words: Don't like it? Then change it.

  4. Congrats on the Etsy anniversary! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with a {slightly} messy room. Too bad my 'room' is the open dining room. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. happy etsy-versary! wishing you tons of sales ahead! your play room is nice! i love white. found you via EBT, happy tuesday!


  6. Well congrats on a wonderful first year! I am so happy to see all your success!! It was so fun to see a peek inside your photo setups! I have been reading your blog faithfully but have been so bad at commenting...forgive me! I am just loving it. Best wishes for another fun year ahead! (isn't etsy & blogging great???!) :)


  7. Congratulations!! I have just opened mine, and still waiting for my first sale.
    The best part for me of crafting is that it really works as a therapy for the difficult times that I am going through, although that is not the reason I stated, I feel that it has saved me from a nervous breakdown.

  8. Congrats!! Your blog dreams have come true... pretty soon you're going to be another Kevin and Amanda! =)

  9. Thanks all! It definitely helps to have a door to close on that messy play room. =)

    Love those 6 word stories, Kala, Memories and Paige!

    Noemi, I totally agree about the therapeutic value of crafting!

    Sara, Do you ever think, "We 'knew' her when..."? =)


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