Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Featured, You're Featured! (How to Get Your Blog or Etsy Shop Featured)

{List is Updated as of 8/5/11}

Do you want your Etsy shop and/or blog to get featured on some amazing and popular blogs for free? I've been scouring the internet to get my shop and this blog featured and I want to share what I've found with you!

Here are my features from this past week:

HGTV.com Forum (no idea who posted this link to my blog, but I got 58 visits from it)
and one more from a few weeks ago: Handmade Top 10

These features have improved the visibility of my shop and blog noticeably. To prove it to you, here are the stats from Google Analytics (total views for my shop and my blog combined):

Week of March 28th - April 3rd:
 430 visits

Week of April 4th - 10th:
1,277 visits

Free advertising really works! Now I want to share with you a list of high-profile sites I've found that will feature you for free. I did the digging for you, so the links will take you directly to the page where they're taking submissions (click on the button to go to the homepage). This list is sorted by category but there is some overlap here, so check out every category:

Craft Tutorials & Recipes:

oneprettythingOnePrettyThing (one of my favorite blogs!) features several craft tutorials a day--just send Rachel an email with your url and description.

Craft DIY Ideas Tip Junkie tells 40,000 Facebook fans about your craft tutorials, party ideas, decorating tips, printables and more.

Totally tutorials tips tricks recipes how tos Totally Tutorials features one craft tutorial a day for their 4,400 followers to read.

Fun Family Crafts 
Fun Family Crafts will feature your tutorial or recipe in their visual library of free craft ideas from toddler to teenager.

The Crafty Crow The Crafty Crow shares with almost 6,000 Facebook fans your kids' craft tutorials.

Tatertots and JelloTatertots and Jello posts your crafty tutorial for over 14,000 followers to read! (You can also add your link to the linky parties and get some exposure that way, too.)

Today's Creative BlogToday's Creative Blog features a new crafty blog each day. Just email her to have yours considered.

Free craft projects at Craftbits.comCraftbits will show off your crafty tutorial for 60,000 newsletter subscribers to read!

Make and Takes SpotlightMake and Takes: Spotlight showcases kids crafts, home projects and recipes

How Does She?How Does She? shares your ideas, from craft tutorials to fashion to cooking to family life, with their 17,000 Facebook fans.

Mod Podge Rocks 
Mod Podge Rocks shows off your Mod Podge-y projectcs with 5,600 followers. Just send her an email.

Celebrations at HomeCelebrations at Home has over 2,100 followers and features craft tutorials and party ideas.

Craftaholics AnonymousCraftaholics Anonymous will feature your craft tutorials and printables for over 6,700 followers to read.

Dollar Store CraftsDollar Store Crafts features (you guessed it) inexpensive craft ideas for almost 11,000 Facebook fans.

ChildmadeChildmade has a "perpetual linky party" going on! You can upload your newest project any time you want and the favorites will be posted on the Childmade blog.

CraftGawkerCraftGawker features your crafty projects for others to gawk at.

FoodGawkerFoodGawker features your yummy recipes for others to (guess what) gawk at.

IShareCrafts IShareCrafts will (guess what!) share your craft tutorials in a pictorial directory.

IShareFunFoodIShareFunFood lets you share your fun food with their readers.

ISharePrintablesISharePrintables lets you share your (wait for it...) printables with their readers.

Oh! CraftsOh! Crafts has a network of sites that features crafts, recipes and weddings. Click on the appropriate site at the top of their page, then click the grey "Submit a cool link" button.

U CreateUcreate features craft tutorials, recipes, home decor and party ideas for their 11,000 followers.

Etsy Shops/Products:

Craft GossipCraft Gossip shares your favorite Etsy shops, products and/or craft tutorials with their readers.

HandmadeologyHandmadeology promotes your Etsy items and treasuries and relevant blog posts for their dedicated readers.

Heart Handmade BlogHeart Handmade blogs about your Etsy shop.

Handmade Top 10Handmade Top 10 is a fun site where you list 2 of your Etsy shop items in each category and then people vote on them. It helps you get free publicity and tells you how your item compares to others in a category (Select Type, then Open on the left margin to see which categories are currently open for listing/voting).

The Handmade Gift GuideThe Handmade Gift Guide features Etsy treasuries full of handmade gift ideas.

Parties and Events:

Hostess with the MostessHostess with the Mostess has beautiful photos of every kind of party, as well as recipes, tutorials and printables.

Design DazzleDesign Dazzle shares your party photos/ideas, crafty tutorials and room designs with over 5,500+ followers.

TomKat StudioTomKat Studio shares your parties with almost 30,000 Facebook fans.

Catch My PartyCatch My Party shares your incredible party photos and inspiration with their readers.

Birthday Girl BlogBirthday Girl features your gorgeous birthday party photos.

There are so many great blogs out there... If none of these are in your niche, here's how to create your own list of places where you'd like to be featured:
  1. Check out a blog you love. 
  2. See if the blog has a sidebar or a page with all the places they've been featured, then click on each of those sites that has featured them.
  3. Look around for a "contact me" or "get featured" option on the featuring blog.
  4. Submit your project and see what happens!

Linky ToolsAnother option to get featured is to join up with linky parties, blog hops or contests. You never know who will find you that way... Just find a linky at one of your favorite blogs and join in!

Any other great high-profile sites that you know of that I can add to this list?


  1. Wow, that is amazing info, all in one place - thank you for sharing:)

  2. Great info. Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've heard of some of these sites before, but you listed so many more that I didn't know about! Thanks for gathering it all into one spot! (Found you on the EBT, by the way)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. Hooray for being featured!

    Thanks for the list. I'm always on the prowl for a good linky party.

  5. You're welcome. I knew that having all these websites in one place would be helpful for me in the future. Hope others can benefit, too!

  6. What a great list! Thanks for all the good research you did!

  7. This is fantastic! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for listing my blog along with such wonderful sites!!! I love featuring people and great ideas at my Friday night Weekend Wrap Up Party. Anyone is welcome to link up. I also do 2-3 wrap up feature posts during the week to spotlight ideas. I love featuring people :)


  9. You're welcome everyone, and Jen, your site is amazing! Gonna submit something soon...

  10. Thanks for the information! I also feature fellow etsy sellers on my blog. www.yourblissfulday.blogspot.com

  11. Great list! Just found your resurrection eggs via one pretty thing ;-) (Great job on those, by the way!) I submit stuff to be featured when I can. I like to submit cute food posts to Edible Crafts, which is a Craft Gossip site. They have featured my stuff multiple times. Great idea for a post! :-)

  12. Tricia
    Thanks for featuring Design Dazzle in your blog post!! Great ideas ; )

  13. I will definitely check out Edible Crafts! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  14. All this information is great! Thanks for sharing :)
    I am now going to follow you, I wouldnt want to miss anything else you might post!

  15. Your information is terrific. You are so generous to share this with everyone. Thank you.

  16. You're welcome, Cathy and LeAllyson! Gotta share the good stuff with fellow bloggers. =)

  17. Wow! You have compiled quite a list here! This is wonderful, I will have to start checking these out right away!

  18. Thanks for sharing this! I am posting a link to my facebook page!

  19. Just added a few more: Today's Creative Blog, Craftbits, ModPodgeRocks and Childmade.

  20. Aw, thanks so much - you are so sweet! xo

  21. Just added Crafterminds, IShareCrafts and TomKat Studio.

  22. Great info! Thank you for your efforts.
    By the way, EtsyStrut is not operational, as they themselves have put it on the webpage.

  23. Thanks Kanelstrand for the head's up! Bummer about Etsy Strut! I will take them off my list.

  24. Great info, thanks for sharing. My blog is sort of different because it's a continuing story about fairies. This has inspired me to look around for child based blogs who might want to feature my stories. Thanks again!!

  25. IfWishes,
    Definitely look for your specific niche and find out those big-name blogs that will feature you. Once you start blog hopping it's hard to stop. =)

  26. This is a great help thank you for taking the time. Now if I could only get the time to submit some of my ideas. :)

  27. Thanks for sharing your resources. It was very helpful!


  28. Wow! Thanks for posting this!

    New follower from the Etsy blog team :)

  29. GREAT list! Thanks for putting all of this together and sharing your hard work. :)

  30. Just popped over from the "where's the EBT blog" thread. This is an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor with us.

    Tricia for president! ;)

  31. you rock! followed you over from your "while he naps" comment...so glad i did! thank you!



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