Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peacock Plumage

A few weeks ago, I took Little Sweets to a local zoo to cheer us both up after My Sweets left for a short work trip. There were peacocks roaming the grounds everywhere, making crazy noises that I cannot emulate. (When I try to emulate them, it just reminds me of Ross on Friends trying to make dinosaur sounds. Remember that one?)

Peacock by SweeterThanSweets

Since then, I've been seeing things everywhere inspired by peacock plumage. I had to capture it all in one place.

Peacock Inspiration Board by SweeterThanSweets

I know this amazing chair steals the show, but for $10,028... well, I think I'll stick with the Etsy finds if I want some peacock plumes.

The colors here are also reminiscent of the colors of Aurora Borealis, don't you think?


  1. I just love peacocks and the vibrant colors. That chair is fabulous but not the price tag!!

  2. Peacocks have the perfect blue green tones. I so love the colors! Those shoes are devine!

  3. Gorgeous finds! I love those colours!

  4. Lovely find.... Love the bowls.. and those shoes...

  5. I think God really knew what he was doing when he put certain colors together in nature. I would never have thought that gold, green and blue went together so beautifully!


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