Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite Toy

We have been teaching our daughter to think about other people instead of just herself... quite the feat for a 2-year-old. But she is learning to ask other people questions and she usually remembers their answers. Her favorite questions to ask are: "What's your favorite color?", "What's your favorite animal?" and, "What's your favorite toy?"

When Little Sweets asks me, "Mommy, what's your favorite toy?" My answer is always, "My sewing machine."

my sewing machine

I "play" with my sewing machine as often as I can... usually it ends up being every other day. I just love having something tangible to show for my day as a stay-at-home-mom, whether it's something for my shop or a gift for a friend.

After my sweet little girl asked me a few times about my favorite toy (and got the same answer each time), she decided she could answer the question herself. Now she says, "Mommy, your favorite toy your washing machine?" Um, no. My favorite toy is definitely NOT my washing machine. I am thankful for it, but I wouldn't consider it a favorite or a toy.

My favorite toy is not my washing machine, Little Sweets.

My favorite toy is my sewing machine. What's your favorite toy?


  1. let's see...I probably spend the most time on my computer...but I don't like the computer I have (it's old, broken, and work assigned). I guess I would have say my kindle- just because it symbolizes time that I get to spend just for me (not for work, baby, etc)!

  2. I bet that would be my hubby's answer, too. He loves him some books!

  3. My favorite toy is my range (stove/oven). I make everything we eat from scratch, and usually it's organic. It's a ton of work, but I love it! It's my favorite part of staying home. Something I can do for my family that's healthy, saves tons of money, and leaves me feeling fulfilled.

  4. Katie--That's a good one! Can you imagine life without our kitchen appliances? In our Proverbs 31 Bible study, we called the dishwasher, microwave, range, etc. our "servant girls." These days, appliances are the hired help, and thank God for them!

  5. and you have such a gift with your favorite toy!

    your little one is so smart! =)

  6. I was actually looking at another one of your posts when I saw this at the bottom. I had to click it because I noticed that you have the exact same sewing maching as me! I'd really like to get it out more often though.


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