Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas Shopping Guide: My Favorite Etsy Shops

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Are you buying Handmade for Christmas this year?

Acrylic Laser Cut Ring by CABfayre

I do a lot of shopping and browsing on Etsy, so I thought that on this Cyber Monday, I'd share with you a Handmade Christmas Shopping Guide with some of my favorite Etsy shops:

For the Artsy Ones:


For the Ones Who Travel:


For the Ones Who Decorate:


For the Ones Who Eat:


For the Ones Who Love Fashion:


For the Little Ones:

 (You didn't think I'd leave myself out did you?)


For the Ones Who Love Vintage:

(not handmade, but hand-picked!)


For the Ones Who Already Have Everything Else:

Time to get shopping!


  1. Thanks for including me in this awesome list Tricia!!! What a fantastic list of shops! I have already been perusing. :)

  2. Love it! Thanks for adding my Dolls & Daydreams Etsy Shop into the mix!

    Take care and Happy Sewing ... I mean Holidays hahaha

    Sarah x

  3. Thanks so much for including us in this great blog post! What a great collection of Etsy stores!

    C.A.B. Fayre

  4. Very nice! Some of my favourite shops.

  5. Thank you for including me in your blog. This list is a great idea!

  6. Thanks for including my shop! I already love some of the Etsy shops you've posted, and I'll be sure to check out the rest of your recommendations.

  7. Thanks for including my shop!! I hope to check them all out tonight! :)

  8. Wow, Tricia--thanks so much for this! I know and love many of these shops, and am thrilled to be included in such wonderful company.

  9. Great picks, thanks for including my shop here :)

  10. So awesome...thanks for including my shop among your faves.
    Happy holidays!

  11. What a neatly organized shopping guide! Thanks for including my shop! :)


  12. oh wow! Thanks for including my little ol'shop too :)

  13. Super selection!! Thank you so much for including me=) Happy Holiday Shopping!!
    ♥Mademoiselle Mermaid

  14. great selection!! thank you Tricia for inclusion!!

  15. great selection! some of these are definitely my favs!

    <3 Tory

  16. You introduced me to some great shops - thanks!

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