Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Foliage in New England

It's Autumn! I was just browsing through some old pictures and found these from a trip we took to Massachusetts and Connecticut several years ago in the fall. It's amazing to see all the colors of God's creation!

The first four are from Boston and Cambridge:

Anyone on my mom's side of the family will recognize this last photo, which has a sentimental meaning to me (and probably to them, too).

It was taken near my grandparent's farm in Connecticut. I have so many good memories of times spent with my siblings and cousins exploring the woods, walking to the cemetery with the big lion statues, climbing on the giant rocks, and playing in the brook.

It was great to see all those cousins, aunts and uncles a couple of weekends ago when we celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday in Arizona. We'll be back in 10 years, Gram!


  1. I love the red vine growing up the side of the cool!

  2. Oh, how beautiful! I love fall! I would also love it if you consider linking up to my Through the Looking Glass project!

  3. Beautiful foliage! What fun that you were able to reconnect with cousins at your grandma's 90th birthday party!

  4. wow, great pictures. If the leaves changed colors like that in California I would try to stuff them into a glass ornament :)

  5. Love this post! Especially the last photo and memory from your childhood!! much love xoxo


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