Monday, September 19, 2011

Deal-a-Day Sites: What do you think?

Do you love these Deal-a-Day sites that keep popping up? I love to check them out and they're quite addictive. My favorite one is Mamabargains:

MamaBargains was the first deal-a-day site I'd ever heard of and I've bought several things from them in the past few years. I recently became an affiliate of theirs (did you notice my first two ads in the sidebar?) because I just love MamaBargains!

Why do we like these deal-a-day sites so much?

I think it's because we are in the over-information age and these sites make life a bit more simple by just featuring one deal at a time. Ahhh, simplicity is so nice sometimes.

Here are a few more that I check regularly:


I Love
New Steal Daily - 9am MDT

I'm thinking that given the time of year, I need to start browsing deal-a-day sites for Christmas gift ideas!

What's your favorite deal-a-day site? Why do you like these sites?


  1. I have never really thought about these sites, I have heard about groupon, though. Off to check them out.

  2. I have used Groupon (a little leery at first), but great savings!

  3. I get daily updates from Groupon and Heartsy. Now I'll have to add this one to my list :)

  4. Hi Tricia

    I just found you through your interview over at Suzy's place! I think you have a fabulous blog here - love your simple block emotions game for little ones! And I have just been looking at how to create a gallery for my blog so your tutorial has come at just the right time! Thanks for sharing lots of wonderful tips! I'm following you now and looking forward to reading more!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. I don't have anything popping up because I use a Firefox Addon that blocks all ads! Hurray! I browse carelessly and have even forgotten about blinks :)

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